Saturday, February 16, 2008

We Getz Lozt

Hooray! Now Elsa and I both have Lost characters named after us!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Before I totally forget, I made a new free font called CalliGravity, which you can download here.

You can download more of my fonts here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let there be video

Or let there not be video... Blogger doesn't seem to be publishing video stuff in quite the way I'd like. No big deal though. I uploaded a video of a turntable (i.e. spinning) 3d model at the end of my 3d gallery if you're interested.

Old Blue

Look! A funny little guy! Good thing I have a blog! Really I'm just testing some stuff...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Site redesign

As you may have noticed (more likely not), I've redesigned my site quite a bit. I have a buncha stuff to do still... Many of the pages are pretty ugly, and maybe I'll just steamroll them. I'm planning on updating things through this blog, which will make things a lot easier for me. I have a backlog of inventions to share, so maybe I'll take care of that soon.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


I usually put all my news stuff in a little text file and load it with a Flash thing, but why not do this all as a blog? Here's all the old stuff for posterity:


10/31/07: Happiest of Happy Halloweens to you, if you're into that kind of thing! Click here for my annual Halloween Card!. It's a 3d illustration I made in ZBrush, in case you're curious.

09/23/07: Just got back from the Flashforward conference in Boston, where we brought home the bacon with an award for best instructional flash site IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. The winning site is BrainPOP , for which I do most of the actionscripting at the moment. So in a way I kind of won! I learned a bunch of stuff while I was there, and was inspired to redo my image galleries a bit. Now you can click on them and view them all from this little area right here! Let me know if it doesn't work. I think I'll upload some doodles into that as well.

08/19/07: Great! None of my galleries are working! When did that happen? Guess I better fix that... Oh, I just messed up my flash player, I think that's all.

06/27/07: I put together a text convertor that does a bunch of dumb things, and you can find it by clicking right here. That may sound boring, but just take a look, okay?

06/25/07: I have lots of news items, but the most recent one is simply that I changed around the page you are currently looking at. The other more interesting news items must wait!

05/09/07: I was recently one of a bunch of people to contribute artwork to the great Mark Martin's very funny Runaway Comic #3 (order here), published by Fantagraphics. In sadder news my moped was stolen... The mighty Motobee, a beautiful (albeit broken) Italian bike from the seventies or eighties, and a gift - how cruel!

04/15/07: Once again one of my fonts (Vinsdojo ) has shown up in Shonen Jump's Yu Yu Hakusho . Actually it's all over the place in there, and it's a good comic too, so check it out!

04/03/07: Wow, April and May are going to be a couple of exciting months in the world of graphical dudes and dudettes! Adobe CS3, ZBrush3... I can't wait! Speaking of Adobe, here's a pretty good and free Photoshop brush I made for you that replicates a pencil: CLICK CLICK!

01/04/07: I finally got around to updating the software component of my portfolio galleries, so maybe people will be able to see that all now. Happy New Year, by the way!

12/21/06: It's almost time for an annual celebration that my people call "Christmas"! Click here for a card celebrating said event. If you are currently celebrating Hanukkah, I have one for you if you too if you click here. . Finally, if you're celebrating some other thing you can click here. Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night!

11/16/06: Hi there! Click Here to check out a great Wizard of Oz game that I did the backgrounds for. I was pretty pleased with the way those came out, and me brother Dan's 3D animation and stuff for the game is outta sight! There's a demo version on that page that you can play for an hour; it's really very fun!

10/31/06: Happy Halloween! Here's my annual card (that I just remembered to do this morning).

10/16/06: I never get sick but... well I guess sometimes I get sick, because I had a really bad cold for a few days there, and then I gave it to Elsa. Now that I'm better I want to really get some work done on my own projects. I have some mean illustration stuff going!

09/16/06: Have I really not done anything on this site since late July? I think some really interesting stuff has happened since then, but I don't remember what it was. There's a video game coming out in a while with background art by me. I'll link to that when it comes up. Oh, I got a moped in July from my family; did I mention that earlier? Uh... I just got a box of Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp the other day. It's so chocolatey even my blood turns to chocolate!

07/30/06: As I mentioned somewhere else, I redid all my illustration and other image stuff galleries. They're fancier now and also easier to update. As a result, I can now have an online sketchbook section. I usually get sick of that kind of thing after a month or so, but let's see if I can keep up with it.

07/24/06: Happy Birthday to me (that was July 20th)! A nice birthday surprise for me was the use of vinsdojo (the font) in the August issue of Shonen Jump. Click here for the proof. It's weird to flip through one of your favorite things and suddenly see your own handwriting really large on the page. It was in the middle of YuYu Hakusho, if you're curious.

07/12/06: One thing about being a working artist and having a website is that you can't talk about the secret projects that you're working on for other people. Suffice it to say that some of the stuff I'm working on I'm quite excited about, and some of it I'm not. I'll put some links to the good stuff when it's ready to roll. Not the bad stuff though, probably... I have an image to protect!

06/24/06: I redid my picture galleries, so hopefully they are slightly more accessible now... Let me know if they don't work for you, I guess!
I've been working on a little program that can guess what number between 1 and 5 you're thinking of. If you were to guess at random you'd be right about 20 percent of the time. I have it up to about 40 percent in predicting what I'll pick next. With Elsa it seems to be right about 15 percent of the time, so go figure! I'll upload it when it's a little better.

05/28/06: I just re-embedded all my Flash movies with SWF Object, in an attempt to make Flash detection easier and get around the ActiveX changes in Internet Explorer that Microsoft just implemented about a month ago. Wasn't that terribly interesting?!?!?! Hopefully this didn't backfire and make stuff on the site harder to see.

05/25/06: Ah, whatever, I'm gonna put this site up! I hope it's pretty much all there...

05/14/06: I slightly updated my tutorial on coloring inked drawing with Flash and Streamine. The important thing to know is that Streamline is no longer supported or produced by Adobe, but that essentially the same thing has been rolled into Illustrator CS2 as Live Trace. This means that there's probably a better chance of you using these basic techniques today and in the future, so check out the tutorial!

05/09/06: It's been a long time since I did anything with my site. It was kind of overwhelming to think of fixing up anything, actually, because there was so much there. So I just decided to erase almost all of it and start again from scratch. From now on, only good things on the site! I just made two things that people can really put to use, so that's a step in the right direction. They are:

Space Guitune: A downloadable program for tuning your guitar while at the computer, and...
Banjo Tuner-Fish
: A tuner for the more unlikely scenario that you're tuning your banjo while on the computer. Both of these are free, obviously (and both are for Windows).